Blue Ribbon Roses

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
by Wendell Lee

Simple but elegant, the soft colors and stripes on this card combine with a lovely cascade of roses, giving it a Victorian feel.

138 Blue Ribbon Roses
553 Vertical Happy Birthday

#1W5-25 Smooth White Cardstock
#IP-RB Rosebud Iridescent Pearl Paper

#EF-8360 Diagonal Stripe Embossing Folder
(must be used in a Grand Calibur or similar die cutting machine)
#QU-SU Surf's Up ColorBox Queue
#M1-MB Midnight Blue Memories ink pad
#CH-Bright Basic Bright Chalk set
#CH-Jewel Pearlescent Chalk Jewel Tone set
#Rib-Dot Gray ribbon from Dot Ribbon package
Scissors, Glue and Paper Trimmer

1. Fold one sheet of white cardstock in half, then open. Lay the Diagonal Stripes embossing folder on the upper corner of the card, positioning it at an angle so the the stripes run straight with the paper. Run through the die cutting machine. (Hint: This folder may cut through your cardstock if it is squeezed too tightly, so experiment with the thickness of your sandwich.) Highlight stripes and card edge with light blue chalks and ink.
2. Stamp 'Blue Ribbon Roses', using Midnight Blue Memories ink. Color with pink and blue chalk from the Basic Bright chalk set. Color leaves with chalk from the Pearlescent set.
3. Use a fine scissors or knife to cut a small slit on either side of the bottom right rose, and thread a piece of gray ribbon through, running it beneath the rose. Glue into place.
4. Stamp 'Happy Birthday' on white cardstock, using Midnight Blue ink. Layer on a slightly larger piece of Rosebud Iridescent Pearl paper. Glue on card.


Absolutely lovely. My first visit to your website. I'm anxious to go through everything. Thank you.