Adding Texture to Your Cards Part 2

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
by Wendell Lee

The first part of this series focused on a variety of textured papers. While using textured paper is an excellent way to make interesting cards, there are other ways to add texture as well. Try these techniques and products on your next card.

Dry Embossing
Embossing folders are in high demand because they can be used to create textured backgrounds, borders or focal points. This type of embossing is called 'dry embossing', not to be confused with heat embossing.

Heat Embossing
Heat embossing is not as popular as it once was, which is a shame because it is one of the best ways to add an impressive, dressy touch to your card. Embossing powder sticks to stamped lines and when it is melted, it produces the same raised effect that you find on many business cards. Try it out!

Glitter Glue and Pearl Pens
With these products, you can add texture to specific spots on your card. Flower centers, animal eyes, foliage, and more are places you can highlight.

Add the 'wow' factor to your card with a tiny metal brad! We offer dots, stars and hearts, all of which can be used in multiple ways to add texture to your card.

Just as "Pat the Bunny" remains popular 75 years after it was first published, so a card with texture will appeal to the recipient. Make it your goal to add some to every card you create.


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