Adding Texture to Your Cards Part 1

Friday, October 9, 2015
by Wendell Lee

Texture appeals to people-- just ask the publishers of "Pat the Bunny!" This book, first published in 1940, has sold 6 million copies and continues to be high on the list of best-selling children's books.
You can add that same type of appeal to the cards you make, but how? Here are suggestions of paper and cardstock to include on your next card:

Velvet Paper
This highly-popular paper adds a furry texture to cards. You can stamp directly onto it, making it great for animals and flowers, and it's a good choice for backgrounds as well.

Glitter Paper
In the world of glitter paper, the variety we sell is unusually smooth, making it possible for you to stamp on it directly. But it still has a faint sandpaper feel, and when that is combined with the eye-catching glitter, it will attract the card recipient.

Spun Silk Cardstock
With a fine-textured web fused onto cardstock, this beautiful paper is a great way to add appeal to your card.

Fiber Cardstock
The distinct fibers woven into the finish of Fiber Cardstock make it very interesting and perfect for layering!

Mirror Cardstock
Many of the papers listed above have a rough finish, but Mirror Cardstock is super-smooth and adds a different type of texture to your card.

Using textured paper is a great way to add appeal to your card-- but it isn't the only way. Watch for Part 2!


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