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News and Ideas

Tudor Rose Birthday Card
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 06/23/2015

Shades of red, blue and green are combined in this simple yet dressy card. Beginning stampers will find it easy to make; more experienced ones will enjoy experimenting with their choice of colors on the flower....

Glitter Butterfly
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 06/23/2015

Glitter cardstock, glitter tape and glitter glue combine in this card to add sparkle to someone's birthday! This simple but colorful card can be completed in just a few minutes. Stamps...

Rose and Fern Card
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 06/12/2015

A pink rose stars in this collage-type card. With a heart doily and dot hearts stamped in the background, this could very effectively be used as a wedding card. Stamps Needed:...

Thinking of You and Butterfly Card
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 05/19/2015

This lovely birthday card, done in shades of pink and purple, will delight a friend or relative. Die cuts and punch-outs add layered beauty. Stamps Needed: 557 Thinking of You on...

Shell Arrangement Note
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 05/19/2015

Writing a short note to a friend? Giving a small gift? This little card is perfect for either occasion. It reminds one of summer vacations and sandy beaches-- in fact, you may want to make one of these cards...

Especially For You!
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 05/06/2015

This 5" x 7" card combines the best of cutting dies, embossing folders and punches, while pink chalk and drops of pink Pearl Pen lend a dainty tone to the background. Use it for Mother's Day, a birthday, or as...

New Stamps, Embossing Folders, and Cutting Dies!
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 04/23/2015

We are delighted to offer you five new stamps, twenty-two new designs of embossing folders and four new designs of cutting dies! Now is the perfect time to stock on supplies for the upcoming graduation and...

Golden Gazebo Card
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 01/28/2015

A golden gazebo stars in this birthday card, reminding the recipient of lazy days on the lawn. In addition to the die cut, you'll need two stamps, a punch and several accessories. Make it today!...

Cozy Evening Card
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 01/28/2015

Know a snow lover? Make them a card with a "Recipe for a Cozy Evening." Combine it with snowflakes and a snow scene, and for a special touch, tuck a packet of hot chocolate mix inside the card. They'll love...

Valentine's Day Card
by Blue Ridge Impressions - 01/27/2015

Valentine's Day is approaching fast! To create this card, you'll combine four pink hearts with a bit of ribbon and glitter. Stamps Needed: 582 Happy Valentine's Day...


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